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Thank you for your interest in the Online Ad Mall. Please read the following information carefully.

The Internet is hot! With a user base doubling every year, the net represents a marketing opportunity that your business can no longer afford to miss. Most business people are not computer geniuses and our aim is to get your business online at the most economical cost to you.

One of the major advantages of having your business in the Online Ad Mall is the sharing of advertising dollars. The Online Ad Mall advertises this site in 100's of search engines on the Internet, plus additional advertising on the radio and newspapers across the country. Several of the businesses in the online ad mall have now made their web site address a part of their "paper" advertising. This means that 100's of businesses are advertising their company in our ad-mall thus bringing new visitors to our site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from all over the world. You can have your web site address printed on your business cards and in all the other advertising you do, be it the Yellow Pages in your area or newspaper ads in your home town. Your web site address will be

example 2 -

  1. All web sites that are designed by us are given two free link ads. One is alphabetical and the other is by category in the area you specify.
  2. If your company is or desires to be international, then your link ad should be placed in the global area.
  3. If your company prefers to do business only in your country, then your link ad will be placed in that area. The United States is divided into state areas and county/city areas. Other countries can be divided regionally as well.
No web sites will be designed that contain adult and or pornographic material. We have the right to refuse any ad copy or links to pages that contain such material. Web sites located outside of the Online Ad Mall will be inspected prior to approval of your link ad. If the content of your web site (outside of the mall) is changed, then we must be notified immediately. Failure to do so will result in your link ad being removed from our mall and forfeiture of any money paid on the remaining time that the link ad was to run.

Further more, advertisers agree to not hold the Online Ad Mall, its agents, employees and contractors, responsible for any claims in regards to the information provided. Advertisers agree that any advertisement submitted does not conflict with local, state, national or international law. As with any advertising company, we cannot assume responsibility for the outcome of any transactions.

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