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One Category
5 Line Advertisement
$30.00 for 3 months

$100.00 per year

Two Categories
5 Line Advertisement
$55.00 for 3 months

$185.00 per year

Three Categories
5 Line Advertisement
$80.00 for 3 months

$275.00 per year

Add $5.00 for each additional line of advertisement.

By Filling in and sending us this form, you have agreed to our advertising policy.

Please complete the following:




Phone Number - A



(Phone Numbers are only used for ad copy information if necessary, not for calling you up and bothering you!)

Tell us what Category, Region and Time Limit you would like to place your ad or ads

  1. example: (1) USA - Florist - 3 months ($30.00)
  2. example: (2) USA - Florist and California - Florist - 1 Year ($185.00)
  3. example: (3) Global - Manufacturing, Belgium - Manufacturing, USA - Manufacturing - 1 Year ($275.00)

My Ad Copy should read: Please include 800 or 888 numbers, fax numbers, email address and any other pertinent information that will assist the customer in making contact with you as easy as possible.

I will pay for the above mentioned items by: example: sending in check or money order, visa, master card or discover credit card information (numbers and expiration date).

Confirmation of your ad copy will be sent to you within 72 hours.

Pressing this button sends the information in for final approval and billing. Within 72 hours you will be emailed or mailed your confirmation and arrangements will be made for payment. The ads must be paid before running. We accept visa, master charge and discover or you may mail your check or money order to:

Online Advertising, 938 Balfour Street, Detroit, MI 48230-1816

You may also fax your credit card numbers, expiration date and information directly to our company - (313) 824-9004 or call us at (313) 822-3923.

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